A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

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    Framework based architecture using Cocoapods

    By Stefan Mayer-Popp - (all videos) - @fuxx0r

    Tags: frameworks architecture

    Giving back with GitHub

    By Madhava Jay - (all videos) - @madhavajay

    Tags: frameworks opensource

    Palau - NSUserDefaults in the age of Swift

    By Elmar Kretzer - (all videos) - @elmkretzer

    Tags: swift nsuserdefaults

    The Empathetic Programmer

    By Michael May - (all videos) - @CoderMay

    Tags: teams legacy apps

    Building APIs in Swift

    By Daniel Tomlinson - (all videos) - @dantoml

    Tags: swift api

    Designing for People on the Autistic Spectrum

    By Marisa Montaldi - (all videos) - @mantemarisa

    Tags: design accessibility

    Advanced image processing with Core Image

    By Simon Gladman - (all videos) - @FlexMonkey

    Tags: coreimage

    Implementing a code injection framework

    By Daniel Haight - (all videos) - @Daniel1of1

    Tags: code injection frameworks

    Technical detail behind the Apple-FBI case

    By Johannes Weiß - (all videos) - @johannesweiss

    Tags: security

    Live Design

    By Maxim Cramer - (all videos) - @mennenia

    Tags: design