A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.


    CocoaHeads Düsseldorf August 2016

    Bastian Andelefski - MVVM-C A simple way to navigate

    NSLondon June 2016

    Eduardo Aguilar - Overcoming Technical Difficulties
    Honza Dvorsky - Swift Package Manager
    Rob Elkin - AltConf: Behind the Scenes

    NSLondon May 2016

    Romaine Reid - Utilising Motion Design to Enhance Your App
    Roy Marmelstein - Scandal and Controversy in iOS Development

    Munich iOS May 2016

    Elmar Kretzer - Palau - NSUserDefaults in the age of Swift
    Madhava Jay - Giving back with GitHub
    Stefan Mayer-Popp - Framework based architecture using Cocoapods

    Seattle Xcoders May 2016

    Brenden West - Health Data Apps with ResearchKit

    NSLondon April 2016

    Marisa Montaldi - Designing for People on the Autistic Spectrum
    Daniel Tomlinson - Building APIs in Swift
    Michael May - The Empathetic Programmer

    Mobile Warsaw MCE Meetup Night 2016

    Marin Todorov - Building reactive apps with Realm

    Seattle Xcoders April 2016

    Regine Horteur - App Delight in the Service of Habit Forming
    David Hoang - Designers Working in Xcode

    Mobile Warsaw April 2016

    Krzysztof Siejkowski - RxSwift: an elegant weapon for statically typed age

    NSLondon March 2016

    Johannes Weiß - Technical detail behind the Apple-FBI case
    Daniel Haight - Implementing a code injection framework
    Simon Gladman - Advanced image processing with Core Image

    Mobile Warsaw March 2016

    Szymon Kuczur - Rrrrrr… MVVM and Reactive Programming
    Radek Pietruszewski - Statically-Typed Swifty APIs

    Seattle Xcoders March 2016

    Jake Savin - How to Fail by Following the Plan

    NSLondon February 2016

    Raimon Lapuente, Gergely Orosz - Sorry Objc: It's not you, it's me
    Maxim Cramer - Live Design

    Mobile Warsaw February 2016

    Karol Kozub - 3D Touch
    Maxim Zaks - Beyond JSON

    Seattle Xcoders February 2016

    Vivek Gani - A Swift Introduction to Reactive Cocoa
    Pavan Adavi - Continuous Integrations for iOS Apps

    dotSwift 2016

    Rob Napier - Beyond Crusty: Real-World Protocols
    Chris Eidhof - Tiny Networking
    Ayaka Nonaka - Going Swift and Beyond
    Roy Marmelstein - Localization is hard
    Maxim Zaks - Beyond JSON in Swift
    TJ Usiyan - Swift [and the] Evolution
    Thomas Visser - The Bright Future of Swift

    NSLondon January 2016

    Bohdan Orlov - iOS Architecture Patterns
    Mark Szulyovszky - Quick introduction to RFP with zero theory
    Rheese Burgess - Using Elm/React inspired architecture to build Cocoa apps in a functional way
    Mannie Tagarira - Code Reviews
    Emily Toop - Diagnosing Allergies
    Ron Herrema - Developing Sophisticated iOS Audio projects with libpd
    Shane Reid - Performance issues at Grabble
    Thomas Catterall - Crash Your App: Five Tips In Five Minutes For Building a Stable App

    Mobile Warsaw January 2016

    Maciej Witaszek - tvOS: Don't touch the screen
    Kamila Wojciechowska - Cash Rich, Time Poor

    Seattle Xcoders January 2016

    Tim Ekl - Fix issue
    Nathaniel Irons - Ignore That Young Man From 2014
    Nathan Corvino - Universal Links, with a Nod to Other Web-Like Advances

    CocoaHeadsNL January 2016

    Tom Lokhorst - Swift JsonGen, a code generator
    Niels van Hoorn - Protocol-Oriented DataSources

    Functional Swift Conference 2015

    Veronica Ray - You Used To Inject Me In Your Constructor
    Agnes Vasarhelyi - Functional Thinking
    Alexis Gallagher - Protocols with Associated Types
    Brian Partridge - Result Driven Development
    Brandon Williams - Lenses in Swift
    Chris Eidhof - Functional View Controllers
    Colin Barrett - Structure and Interpretation of Swift Programs

    Seattle Xcoders December 2015

    Curt Clifton - Runtime Hacking for Fun and Profit

    NSLondon November 2015

    Paul Stringer - Acceptance Testing for iOS
    Csordas Csaba - Work hard and REST

    Mobile Warsaw November 2015

    Arkadiusz Holko - Taming Core Data

    do{iOS} Amsterdam 2015

    Anastasiia Voitova - Data protection for mobile client-server architectures
    Pim Stolk - Future prooving your iOS apps
    Daniel Jalkut - Apple's Next Big Language
    Dan Federman - Conquering CoreBluetooth, a Survival Guide
    Nikita Lutsenko - The Parse SDK: What's inside?
    Axel Roest - tvOS Perks and Pitfalls
    Katy Price - Topcoder: The Anatomy of a Challenge
    Natasha Murashev - Protocol Oriented MVVM
    Daniel Steinberg - Ready for the future
    Robert van Loghem - Let your designer tweak and deploy your app to his/hers heart content!
    Marin Todorov - Power up your animations

    CocoaHeads Stockholm November 2015

    Felix Krause - Continuous Delivery with Fastlane
    Florian Kugler - Pragmatic Core Data
    Mohsan Khan - All you have to do is Hoppa!

    Swift Summit San Francisco 2015

    JP Simard, Thomas Visser, Boris Bügling, Veronica Ray - Open Sourcing Swift
    JP Simard - Working with Binary Data in Swift
    Ash Furrow - Discovering Best Practices in Swift
    Greg Heo - What the 55 Swift Standard Library Protocols Taught Me
    Wendy Lu - Exploring Apple Pay with Swift
    Thomas Hanning - Error Handling in Swift 2
    Chris Eidhof - Swift Interop
    Michael Patrick Ellard - Lightweight, cross-platform code using Swift
    Keith Smiley - Tales of a rewrite at Lyft
    Wil Shipley - Sharing Swift between iOS and OS X
    Veronica Ray - Making Swift even more functional
    Javier Soto - Simple Asynchronous Swift code with ReactiveCocoa 4
    Gwendolyn Weston - Why Swift is swift
    Nick ONeill - Let's Code: Storage for Structs
    Kristina Thai - How to build a Compelling Watch App
    Thomas Visser - Beyond the block based API: Building a simple future
    Saul Mora - Cocoa APIs in a Swifty world

    iOS Conf Singapore 2015

    Javier Soto - Swift Sync and Async Error Handling
    Bogo Giertler - Maintaining Sanity and Code
    Fahim Farook - An Exploration of Debugging Techniques and Tools
    Roshni Mahtani - Making it Count
    Mugunth Kumar - tvOS Platform and APIs
    Justin Lee - Building Smarter Applications Using Cognitive Computing
    Takemura Ori - Good UX and Design for Humans
    Ben Asher - Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), How Yelp uses GCD
    Stan Chang - Tooling in Swift - Xcode Integration & CI
    Alan Wong - Building an Invisible App

    NSLondon October 2015

    Mike McDonald - Simplifying IoT with Firebase
    Paul Ardeleanu - Developers’ Emergency Guide to Public Speaking

    Mobile Warsaw October 2015

    Radek Pietruszewski - Achieving clarity in Swift

    CocoaHeadsNL October 2015

    Koen Bok - Prototyping anything you can imagine
    Chris Eidhof - Swift C Interoperability

    CocoaLove 2015

    Chris Barajas - Thank You for Bugging me
    Allen Pike - Competing with Art

    #Pragma Conference 2015

    Oliver Drobnik - iOS Subscriptions 2.0
    Martina Pagura - Let's Prototype it!
    Anton McConville - Presence, Personality and Pulse
    Micheal Flarup - Design better app icons
    Anastasia Kazakova - Be armed to the teeth to ...
    Sally Shepard - Embracing the Internet of Things for cats
    Tim Oliver - Marketing on the App Store
    Marcus S. Zarra - Core Data Threading Demystified
    Orta Therox - Open Source by Default
    Hannes Verlinde - State of Statelessness
    Ash Furrow - Loosely Held Strong Convictions
    Chris Eidhof - Swift and C
    Christopher Downer - Design 101 for Developers
    Marin Todorov - What’s in for us after the Indiepocalypse?
    Graham Lee - *-Oriented Programming
    Justin Spahr-Summers - Library-Oriented Programming

    CocoaHeads Stockholm October 2015

    Pedro Mancheno - Upgrading to watchOS 2
    Anton Tingström - Introduction to tvOS

    NSLondon September 2015

    Tomasz Piekarczyk - Core Data - Going Big and Getting There

    Mobile Warsaw September 2015

    Marius Rackwitz - Error Handling In Swift 2.0

    NSSpain 2015

    Piet Brauer - DevOps in the iOS world
    Daniel Eggert - Digging Deeper: Understanding HTTP
    Michele Titolo - All the [tech] world's a stage
    Boris Bügling - Bringing CocoaPods to Linux
    Hermés Piqué - Empathy coding
    Taylan Pince - Diving Into HomeKit
    Adam Bell - Getting Ahead of the Curve
    Philippe Casgrain - Hardware-assisted debugging
    Grant Paul - Making Sense of Xcode
    Miguel A. Quinones - Poor man's functional programming
    Josh Abernathy - Functions, a love affair
    Soroush Khanlou - Presenting Coordinators
    Michael May - Team Leadership Lessons Learned The Hard Way
    Natasha Murashev - The Zen Guide to WatchOS 2
    Charlie Cowan - Learn, Compete and Win. An introduction to Topcoder
    Ashley Nelson Hornstein - Humanities X Technology
    Scott Goodson - Intelligent UI with AsyncDisplayKit 2.0
    Andy Matuschak - Let’s Play: Refactor the Mega-Controller
    Ana Márquez, Javier de Silóniz - Going swiftly to a Functional world

    CocoaHeads Stockholm September 2015

    Robin Enhorn - iPad PiP Video

    NSLondon August 2015

    John Sundell - Dynamic, native User Interfaces on iOS
    Jani Eväkallio - React Native: Introduction and a Case Study
    Marco Sero - Legacy Apps

    Mobile Warsaw Edition #1

    Chris Eidhof - Swift and C Interop

    Mobile Warsaw August 2015

    Edgar Neto - Efficient Localisation
    Marcio Klepacz - How we integrate and deploy mobile apps with Travis CI

    360iDev 2015

    Daniel Haight - Decision Fatigue
    Jay Freeman - Feature Or Bug?
    Michele Titolo - All the [tech] world's a stage
    Matthew Morey - WatchKit Notifications
    Nick Harris - Git it Together - Discussing Source Control
    Josh Johnson - How to Lose an iOS Developer in 10 days
    Daniel Pfeiffer - The Small Fish in a Big Pond: Working with Large Clients
    Gene Whitaker - Magic Words - Harnessing the Power of TextKit
    Jay Graves - Provisioning Profile Stockholm Syndrome
    Charles Perry - Succeeding Slwoing - A Practical Guide to Going Indie
    Stephen Barnes - Android 101 for iOS Developers - Two Sides of the Same Coin
    Jay Thrash - Good Intentions II: Enemy of the State
    Cate Huston - iOS Testing: Beyond the Model
    Ellen Shapiro, Aaron Shekey - The Power of Working Code and Designers Who Develop
    Kyle Fuller - Practical Declarative Programming
    Michael Schneider - Build a Business, Not an App
    James Hughes - Beyond the Banner: How to Scale Your Revenue with Innovative Ad Formats
    Adam Zolyak - Welcome to the Team
    Shawn Davison - Advanced UX Design for Apple Watch
    Benjamin Encz - Safer Swift Code with Value Types
    Jonathan Blocksom - SceneKit, Metal, and OpenGL
    Justin Williams - Mastering Auto Layout
    Stepan Hruda - Apple Pay: What Happens When you Tap?
    Marin Todorov - What’s in for us after the Indiepocalypse?
    Kyle Richter - The Last Job
    Curtis Herbert - Designing for @1x - @3x Without Going Crazy
    Janie Clayton - Beyond White: Embracing the iOS Design Aesthetic
    Greg Heo - Switching Your Brain to Swift
    Ben Sykes - Innovation Gaming: Perfecting Your Brainstorming Technique for Killer Products & Features
    Brandon Trebitowski - Stop Saying No - How I Went From Fired, To Indie, To Over $1M In Revenue In Under A Year
    Grant Davis - Fancy Custom Transitions
    Jay Graves - What's New in Hybrid App Development

    CocoaHeads Stockholm August 2015

    David Rönnqvist - Introduction to GameplayKit
    Anton Tingström - UI Testing In Practice

    Mobile Warsaw July 2015

    Adrian Kashivskyy - Hidden gems in Swift
    Alexey Denisov - Magic Behind Xcode Compilation.

    Mobile Warsaw June 2015

    Maciej Oczko - Dependency injection on iOS
    Hector Zarate - iOS at Spotify: From Plan to Done

    WWDC 2015

    Andreas Wendker - Platforms State of the Union
    Josh Shaffer - Introducing WatchKit for watchOS 2
    Chris Lattner - What's New in Swift
    Ken Orr - What's New in Xcode
    Mike Stern - Designing for Apple Watch
    Vipul Prakash - Introducing Search APIs
    Jeffrey Traer Bernstein, Matthaeus Krenn, Bill Lindmeier - Designing for Future Hardware
    Brittany Paine - Optimizing Your App for Multitasking on iPad in iOS 9
    Debbie Sterling - Think Audacious
    Antonio Cavedoni - Introducing the New System Fonts
    Dave Abrahams - Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift
    Todd Fernandez - What's New in Managing Apple Devices
    Dave Van Tassell - What's New in iTunes Connect
    Trystan Kosmynka - Getting the Most out of App Analytics
    Paul Turner - iTunes Connect: Development to Distribution
    Sal Soghoian - Supporting the Enterprise with OS X Automation
    Ian Fisch - iOS Accessibility
    Ali Ozer - What's New in Cocoa
    Shannon Tan - What's New in HealthKit
    Qasid Sadiq - Apple Watch Accessibility
    Peter Hajas - Getting Started with Multitasking on iPad in iOS 9
    Sumit Lonkar - What's New in MapKit
    Andrew Platzer - WatchKit In-Depth, Part 1
    Nathan deVries, Chloe Chang - WatchKit In-Depth, Part 2
    Eliza Block, Paul Salzman - Creating Complications with ClockKit
    Anush Nadathur - What's New in HomeKit
    Stefan Hafeneger - Multitasking Essentials for Media-Based Apps on iPad in iOS 9
    John Earl - Building Apps with ResearchKit
    Steve Lewallen - Introducing On Demand Resources
    Kyle Sluder - What's New in Storyboards
    Miguel Sanchez - Layout and Animation Techniques for WatchKit
    Raleigh Ledet - Adopting New Trackpad Features
    Jason Yao - Mysteries of Auto Layout, Part 1
    Jesse Donaldson - Mysteries of Auto Layout, Part 2
    Rishi Verma - What's New in Core Data
    Corbin Dunn - Improving the Full Screen Window Experience
    Sara Radi - New UIKit Support for International User Interfaces
    Bruce Stadnyk - Introducing the Contacts Framework for iOS and OS X
    Sophia Teutschler - App Extension Best Practices
    Troy Stephens - What's New in NSCollectionView
    Philippe Hausler - Advanced NSOperations
    Nat Hillard - What's New in Internationalization
    Jake Behrens - WatchKit Tips and Tricks
    Michael Turner - What's New in UIKit Dynamics and Visual Effects
    Ben Englert - Performance on iOS and watchOS
    Luke Hiesterman - Cocoa Touch Best Practices
    Vince Spader - Best Practices for Progress Reporting
    Peter Tsoi - Advanced Touch Input on iOS
    Mike Hess - Building Document Based Apps
    Ricky Mondello - Introducing Safari View Controller
    Conrad Shultz - Seamless Linking to Your App
    Jordan Rose - Swift and Objective-C Interoperability
    Kate Stone - What's New in LLDB
    Woody Lidstone - Improving Your Existing Apps with Swift
    Anders Bertelrud - App Thinning in Xcode
    Sam Page, Connor Wakamo, Matt Patenaude - Authoring Rich Playgrounds
    Wil Turner - UI Testing in Xcode
    Kevin Cathey - Implementing UI Designs in Interface Builder
    Nadav Rotem, Michael Gottesman, Joe Grzywacz - Optimizing Swift Performance
    Matt Moriarity - Continuous Integration and Code Coverage in Xcode
    Ted Kremenek - Swift in Practice
    Kris Markel - Profiling in Depth
    Mike Swingler - Advanced Debugging and the Address Sanitizer
    Doug Gregor, Bill Dudney - Building Better Apps with Value Types in Swift
    Brent Fulgham - What's New in Web Development in WebKit and Safari
    Roger Pantos, Gianpaolo Fasoli - Content Protection for HTTP Live Streaming
    Carol Teng, Shashank Phadke - Monetize and Promote Your App with iAd
    Jono Wells - Using Safari to Deliver and Debug a Responsive Web Design
    Tim Monroe - Editing Movies in AV Foundation
    Akshatha Nagesh, Torrey Holbrook Walker - What's New in Core Audio
    Doug Wyatt - Audio Unit Extensions
    David Hayward - What's New in Core Image
    Brian Weinstein - Safari Extensibility: Content Blocking and Shared Links
    Nick Porcino - Managing 3D Assets with Model I/O
    Rav Dhiraj - What's New in Metal, Part 1
    Tim Oriol - What's New in SpriteKit
    Megan Gardner - Going Social with ReplayKit and Game Center
    Thomas Goossens - Enhancements to SceneKit
    Dan Omachi, Anna Tikhonova - What's New in Metal, Part 2
    Bruno Sommer - Introducing GameplayKit
    Dave Addey - Deeper into GameplayKit with DemoBots
    Phil Bennett - Metal Performance Optimization Techniques
    Danvin Ruangchan - Wallet - The home for Apple Pay and more
    Nick Shearer - Apple Pay Within Apps
    Katie Skinner - Privacy and Your App
    Olivier Bonnet - What's New in CloudKit
    Anil Kandangath - What's New in Core Motion
    Ivan Krstic - Security and Your Apps
    Jon Andrews, Soren Spies - Achieving All-day Battery Life
    Abhinav Pathak, Pai-Han Huang - Debugging Energy Issues
    Vipul Prakash, Dave Salim, Jason Douglas - Introducing App Search
    Chris Edstrom - CloudKit JS and Web Services
    Luke Case - Networking with NSURLSession
    Eric Bienville - Low Energy, High Performance: Compression and Accelerate
    Chris Jensen, Alexander Ledwith - Introducing Watch Connectivity
    Adam Driscoll - What's New in Core Location
    Nihar Sharma - CloudKit Tips and Tricks
    Jamie Wood, Tommy Pauly - What's New in Network Extension and VPN
    Anthony Chivetta, Daniel Steffen - Building Responsive and Efficient Apps with GCD
    Prabhakar Lakhera, Stuart Cheshire - Your App and Next Generation Networks
    Michele Campeotto - What's New in Notifications
    Julian Missig, Joe Malia, Marek Bereza - Designing with Animation
    Mike Stern - Apple Watch Design Tips and Tricks

    AltConf 2015

    Peter Steinberger - [Objective] C++: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
    Aaron Hillegass - A Eulogy for Objective-C
    Nathan Eror - Beyond the Grid - Creating Unique, High Performance Interfaces With UICollectionView
    Brianna Wu - Choose Your Character
    Dave Wiskus - Designing for Humans
    Ash Furrow - Functional Reactive Awesomeness With Swift
    Wil Shipley - Git as a Document Format
    Ashley Nelson Hornstein - Humanities x Technology
    Saul Mora - Object-Oriented Functional Programming
    Ray Wenderlich - Overloading Comparison
    Daniel Steinberg - Playgrounds Are for Kids
    Marin Todorov - Power Up Your Animations!
    Justin Searls - The Social Coding Contract
    Michele Titolo - The Worst Code

    NSLondon May 2015

    Honza Dvorsky - Continuous Integration on the Edge

    Mobile Warsaw May 2015

    Marcin Krzyżanowski - Crypto? Been there, done that

    UIKonf 2015

    JP Simard - Fixing the Swift Tooling Problem
    Claus Höfele - Practical WatchKit Development
    Brian Gesiak - iOS API Design: Swift Patterns
    Saniul Ahmed - Prototyping Touch Interfaces (and my open-source story)
    Jens Ravens - Functional Reactive Programming without Black Magic - Build your own...
    Mike Lee - World Modelling
    Natasha Murashev - Swift Thinking
    Halle Winkler - Duct-taping the gates of chaos shut: the weird, little, useful, su...
    Graham Lee - Object-Oriented Programming in Objective-C
    Maxim Cramer - A Journey into Design
    Chris Eidhof - Functional View Controllers
    Eli Perkins - Staters Gonna State
    Marcel Weiher - Software Architecture in iOS and OS X Applications
    Ash Furrow - Teaching and Learning
    Hector Zarate - iOS at Spotify: From Plan to Done
    Joe Burgess - Learning Swift Through Lessons in Haskell
    Tom Adriaenssen - Async View Controllers
    Junior Bontognali - Monads are not Monsters

    NSLondon April 2015

    Tom Dixon - A Delve into Custom Keyboards
    Neil Kimmett - Practical Watchkit

    Mobile Warsaw April 2015

    Scott Little - Go for a Sub: using a subscription model for your product
    Paweł Dudek - Introduction to Behavior Driven Development. The whys and hows

    Mobile Warsaw March 2015

    Kamil Trzciński - Android vs iOS security comparison
    Błażej Marcinkiewicz - Protecting iOS apps

    Swift Summit London 2015

    Radek Pietruszewski - Swifty Methods
    Gem Barrett - View from the Other Side
    Hermés Piqué - Closures in API Design
    Alexsander Akers - Death by Indecision
    Kyle Fuller - Embracing Change with REST
    Ayaka Nonaka - Swift Scripting
    Brian Gesiak - Compelling Code
    Daniel Steinberg - (Functional) Programming for Everyone
    Sally Shepard - Extracurricular Swift
    Jorge Izquierdo - Taylor: The Most Un-Googleable Swift Library
    Marcin Krzyżanowski - CryptoSwift: Cryptography You Can Do
    Boris Bügling - Swift Funtime
    Anthony Levings - JSON, Swift, and Type Safety: It's a wrap
    Abizer Nasir, Boris Bügling, Gem Barrett, Jack Nutting, Kyle Fuller, Radek Pietruszewski - Swift Panel: Where do we go from here?
    Jack Nutting - The Future Belongs to the Young
    Daniel Tomlinson - Swift, Meet Objective-C
    Chris Eidhof - Functional View Controllers: An Experiment
    Johannes Weiß - The Type System is Your Friend
    Abizer Nasir - What Haskell Taught Me About Writing Swift
    Airspeed Velocity, Ayaka Nonaka, Brian Gesiak, Chris Eidhof, Colin Eberhardt - Swift All-Star Panel
    Jan Riehn - Testing in Swift
    Carola Nitz - Debugging in Swift: How Hard Can It Be?
    Joseph Lord - How Swift is Swift?
    Airspeed Velocity - Zero-Cost Abstractions
    Simon Gladman - The Supercomputer In Your Pocket: Metal & Swift
    Javier Soto - Back to the Futures
    Colin Eberhardt - ReactiveCocoa and Swift: Better Together
    Al Skipp - The Monad Among Us

    NSConference 2015

    James Dempsey - The Future: A Look Back
    Laura Savino - Caring At Scale: Helping millions of learners without getting disenchanted
    Scott Morrison - Lessons From 10 Years as a Mail Plugin Developer
    Rob Rhyne - SpriteKit with Crayons
    Jessie Char - Expert of Nothing
    Jaimee Newberry - Through Burnout & Back Again: Design Skills that Saved My Life
    Francesco Frison - Video Talk
    Marco Arment - iOS App Marketing For Small Developers
    Matthias Steffens - JavaScript For Automation: A Quick Intro To Its Use For Debugging
    Halle Winkler - Duct-Taping The Gates Of Chaos Shut
    Kyle Richter - The Last Job
    Amy Worrall - Here's To The Crazy Ones
    Sally Shepard - Building Habits: Keeping Your Users Engaged
    Eelco Lempsink - Retail Story
    Taylan Pince - Cocoa and Robots
    Pieter Omvlee - Moving Goalposts: Adapting Existing Code For Future Needs
    Scott Little - Ultimate Spirit
    Tim Mecking - Flaws In Tutorials Screencasts and Samplecode
    Daniel Steinberg - Somewhere Between Tomorrowland and Frontierland
    Martin Winter - Practical Unicode
    Cate Huston - Mobile Is A Systems Problem
    Joel Parsons - The Modern Password And You
    Paul Muston - Validate Your Product Before You Build It
    Bil Moorhead - The Tao of Black Pixel Management
    Daniel Kennett - Dependable Salaries are for Chumps: Going Indie in 2015

    NSLondon February 2015 Part 2

    Johannes Weiß - Type Driven Development in Swift
    Uri Baghin - Reactive Cocoa and RX Principles 101
    Joel Parsons - The Modern Password and You

    Mobile Warsaw February 2015

    Bartosz Waresiak - Playing with Instruments

    dotSwift 2015

    Corinne Krych - Switch to Swift?
    Marius Rackwitz - Static vs. Dynamic Linking
    Daniel Steinberg - The Ugly American Learns Swift
    Romain Huet - Swiftly Building Better Apps
    Kyle Fuller - Practical Functional Programming in Swift
    Ash Furrow - Swift in Production
    JP Simard - Introspecting Swift
    Dimitri Dupuis-Latour - Think Swiftly

    MCE Conference 2015

    Scott Goodson - Effortless Responsiveness with AsyncDisplayKit
    Chris Eidhof - Fun with Swift
    Krzysztof Zabłocki - Stop recompiling
    David Rönnqvist - Made for Everyone
    Mike Lazer-Walker - What does it mean for code to be maintainable?
    Max Bazaliy - Securing iOS applications
    Marcus S. Zarra - Core Data: Multi-Threading Clarity
    Adam Ernst - Immutable Models on iOS

    NSLondon February 2015 Part 1

    JP Simard - Lessons learned wrapping an Objective-C framework in Swift
    Francesco Petrungaro - iOS App Security: Common Mistakes and Best Practices

    CocoaHeads Stockholm February 2015

    Nevyn Bengtsson - Remote Works!
    Jack Nutting - Technical Debt by the Book

    NSLondon January 2015

    Mehdi Mulani - Reverse Engineering on iOS/Mac
    Joseph Lord - Beyond "if let"
    Thomas Catterall - The Dependencies You Didn't Know You Had

    Functional Swift Conference 2014

    Brandon Williams - Functional Programming in a Playground
    John Gallagher - Networking with Monads
    Andy Matuschak - Functioning as a Functionalist
    Justin Spahr-Summers - Enemy Of The State
    Brian Gesiak - Functional Testing
    Natasha Murashev - The Functional Way

    NSLondon November 2014

    Jon Hocking - 208 Weeks Later
    Meng To - Fast Interactive Prototyping
    Raimon Lapuente - Little Wins With UIAppearance

    NSScotland 2014

    Graham Lee - End to End Testing at Facebook
    Helen McManus - Undocumented Xcode
    Mike Abdullah - HTTP and URLs for Cocoa Developers
    Drew McCormack - Technically Magic
    Sally Shepard - Hacking on the AppleTV
    James Thomson - How to be Indie and Still Keep Your Sanity
    Emily Toop - Computing's Hidden Heroes
    Steven Baker - Shifting Paradigms - Exploring Programming Languages and Their Features
    Rob Rix - Many Types Make Light Work
    Eric Knapp - Helping Blind Musicians with an iOS app using Core MIDI and Swift
    Johnnie Walker - A Brief History of Image Processing on iOS
    Samuel Goodwin - Teaching Programming

    ⌘R Conf 2014

    Daniel Steinberg - What the func?
    Peter Steinberger - Scaling Your Indie Business
    Christine Corbett - Open Source iOS
    Soledad Penades - Embracing Failure
    Kyle Fuller - ICYMI: Core Data
    Gwynne Raskind - The Why and How of Assembly Language
    Matt Galloway - Strings: From 0 to 🐓🍟 (Chicken and Chips)
    Joachim Kurz - Laziness in Swift
    Sam Marshall - Everything is Terrible
    Neil Kimmett - Lessons learned from cooking up an app
    Sally Shepard - Psychoacoustics and Auditory Illusions for App Development
    Krzysztof Zabłocki - Empower your Objective-C
    Michael May - Monocultural
    Francesco Frison - Operators Overload
    Robin Christopherson - Technology: The Power and the Promise
    Mitchell Allison - Compiling Swift with Swift... and other bad ideas
    Chris Eidhof - Functional Swift
    Rob Stearn - Who's afraid of auto layout?
    Mike Lee - Hard Ideas

    #Pragma Conference 2014

    Meng To - iOS Prototyping
    Hannes Verlinde - Seamless device communication
    Alberto López - v.zero: A modern foundation for accepting payments
    Marco Grassi - iOS Apps Security
    Krzysztof Zabłocki - Behaviours: a way to simplify your application code

    NSLondon September 2014

    Mike Abdullah - What's New in iOS8 for Hipsters
    Alexsander Akers - The Other WatchKit

    NSSpain 2014

    Michele Titolo - Can't handle my scale
    Krzysztof Kucharewicz - Autolayout for everyone
    Andrew Yates - What to do when you get hacked?
    Mike Ash - Swift and C

    NSLondon August 2014

    Sally Shepard - Making an app like 'Clear' accessible
    Abizer Nasir - Thinking in Swift

    NSLondon July 2014

    Kyle Fuller - A swift approach
    Rob Stearn - MultiPeer Networking
    Scott Goodson - Behind AsyncDisplayKit

    NSLondon June 2014

    Boris Bügling - Custom Playgrounds
    Johannes Weiß - Introduction to Functional Programming

    GitHub Reactive Cocoa Developer Conference 2014

    Jon Sterling - Modularity à la Taliban
    Justin Spahr-Summers - The Future Of ReactiveCocoa
    Dave Lee - RACify Non-Reactive Code

    AltConf 2014

    James Dempsey - A Look Back
    The Organizers of Alt - The Organizers of Alt
    Victor Broido - Hippie Marketing
    Josh Michaels - Finding the Intersection: Thoughts on Art & Tech
    Saul Mora - Are we doing what we should be with our time?
    Thomas Engel - Volunteering and Tackling World Problems with Your Skills
    Panel - Design Discussion Panel
    Robert Böhnke - Animations Explained
    Philippe Casgrain - Fostering a Local Development Community
    Luis Solano - Writing DSLs for Swift
    Michael Lopp - Stables and Volatiles
    Michele Titolo - Demystifying the .xcodeproj File
    Jay Freeman - \"Swift\" 20m Introspecting Apple's WWDC App Using Cycript
    Panel - Marketing Discussion Panel
    Mattt Thompson - Being a Beginner
    Jonah Neugass - Modularizing an app with GDRouting and CocoaPods
    Jean MacDonald - Communicating Across the Geek Divide
    Sally Shepard - Accessibility: Beyond VoiceOver
    Ouriel Ohayon - Discovery in the Appstore World
    Mikey Ward - XPC What I Did There?
    Jeff Kelley - Dates and Times in iOS
    Aaron Hillegass - Networking on the Mac
    Panel - Games Discussion Panel
    Sam Marshall - Insecure Code
    Brianna Wu - Nine ways to stop hurting and start helping women in tech
    Ray Wenderlich - Adding Juice to your Games
    Michael Crump - Enriching the iOS SDK
    Michael Mace - The 4 Mobile Traps
    Ash Furrow - Reactive Cocoa 101
    Panel - Ethics in Software Discussion Panel
    Andrew Stone - Reflections on device addictions, the big data state, and alternative futures.
    Yang Meyer - Designers ♥︎ Developers
    Mike Lee - Being Better
    Carla White - Mindful Design & Marketing
    Boris Bügling - Extending Xcode
    Nadyne Richmond - User Research for a Better Product
    Orta Therox - Project Eigen Post Mortem
    Sofia Dvoynos - From Zero to Marketing in 7 days
    Jay Thrash - Using Quartz Composer and Origami
    Mark Pauley - The Real Power of BLE
    Brent Simmons - Implementing Sync In Vesper
    Panel - WWDC Keynote Panel Discussion
    Dave Wiskus - How to Make a Vesper
    Jonathan Rhyne - Debugging the Contract

    WWDC 2014

    Tim Cook, Craig Federighi - Keynote
    Andreas Wendker - Platforms State of the Union
    Shaan Pruden, John Geleynse - Apple Design Awards
    Jake Behrens - Advanced Topics in Internationalization
    Jake Behrens - What's New in Cocoa Touch
    Justin Rushing, Siji Rachel - Introducing HealthKit
    Ali Ozer - What's New in Cocoa
    Ian Baird, Matt Gamble - Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 1
    Anders Carlsson, Beth Dakin - Introducing the Modern WebKit API
    Patti Hoa, Chris Dolan - Accessibility on OS X
    Olivier Bonnet - Introducing CloudKit
    Patrick Heynen - Adapting Your App to the New UI of OS X Yosemite
    Clare Kasemset - Accessibility on iOS
    Mike Stern - Designing Intuitive User Experiences
    Mike Swingler, Raleigh Ledet - Storyboards and Controllers on OS X
    Kevin McLaughlin - Introducing HomeKit
    Bruce D. Nilo - View Controller Advancements in iOS 8
    Jacob Xiao - Building Adaptive Apps with UIKit
    Damien Sorresso - Creating Extensions for iOS and OS X, Part 2
    Rachel Roth - Designing a Great In-App Purchase Experience
    Michael Jurewitz, Vince Spader, Keith Stattenfield - Adopting Handoff on iOS and OS X
    Chris Dreessen, Corbin Dunn - Adopting Advanced Features of the New UI of OS X Yosemite
    Brandon Newendorp - Creating Custom iOS User Interfaces
    David Wilson - Optimize Your Earning Power With iAd
    Jeffrey Traer Bernstein, Linda Dong, Julian Missig, Mark Hauenstein - Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It
    Bill Dudney - Core iOS Application Architectural Patterns
    Melissa Turner - What's New in Core Data
    Luke Hiesterman, Olivier Gutknecht - What's New in Table and Collection Views
    Tony Parker - Creating Modern Cocoa Apps
    Peter Hajas, Jim Turner - A Look Inside Presentation Controllers
    Andy Matuschak, Colin Barrett - Advanced iOS Application Architecture and Patterns
    John Cavanaugh, Rachel Roth - Making a Great First Impression With Strong Onboarding Design
    Jacob Farkas - Advanced CloudKit
    Jeff Watkins - Advanced User Interfaces with Collection Views
    Elizabeth Reid, Chris Cowdery-Corvan - Sharing code between iOS and OS X
    Mike Hess, Johannes Fortmann - Building a Document-based App
    Josh Shaffer, Eliza Block - Advanced Scrollviews and Touch Handling Techniques
    Josh Shaffer, Andy Matuschak - Building Interruptible and Responsive Interactions
    Ken Kocienda - A Strategy for Great Work
    Mark Miller - Affiliate Tools for App Developers
    Dave Van Tassell - The New iTunes Connect
    James Wilson - Optimizing In-App Purchases
    Paul Turner - Creating Great App Previews
    James Wilson - Preventing Unauthorized Purchases with Receipts
    Sal Soghoian - JavaScript for Automation
    Mike Ferris - What's New in Xcode 6
    Tim Isted, Dave Addey - Introduction to Swift
    Brian Lanier, Joe Groff - Intermediate Swift
    John McCall, Dave Abrahams - Advanced Swift
    Anders Bertelrud, Dave Schaefgen, Jordan Rose - Integrating Swift with Objective-C
    Doug Gregor - Swift Interoperability In Depth
    Rick Ballard, Connor Wakamo - Swift Playgrounds
    Sean Callanan - Introduction to LLDB and the Swift REPL
    Enrico Granata - Advanced Swift Debugging in LLDB
    Kevin Cathey - What's New in Interface Builder
    Zoltan Foley-Fisher, Chris Hanson - Localizing with Xcode 6
    Han Ming Ong - Debugging in Xcode 6
    Brooke Callahan, Wil Turner - Testing in Xcode 6
    Brent Shank - Continuous Integration with Xcode 6
    Chris Parker - Building Modern Frameworks
    Jim Grosbach - What's New in LLVM
    Daniel Delwood - Improving Your App with Instruments
    Axel Wefers, Michael Ingrassia - Advanced Graphics and Animations for iOS Apps
    Torrey Holbrook Walker - What's New in Core Audio
    Kapil Krishnamurthy - AVAudioEngine in Practice
    Stefan Hafeneger - Mastering Modern Media Playback
    Jer Noble - Advanced Media for the Web
    Adam Sonnanstine - Harnessing Metadata in Audiovisual Media
    Ricky Mondello - Your App, Your Website, and Safari
    Brad Ford - Camera Capture: Manual Controls
    Dean Jackson, Brady Eidson - Creating 3D Interactive Content with WebGL
    Paresh Rajwat, Ravi Chittari - What's New in iAd Workbench
    Adam Swift - Introducing the Photos Frameworks
    Timothy Hatcher - Web Inspector and Modern JavaScript
    David Eldred - Direct Access to Video Encoding and Decoding
    David Hayward - Advances in Core Image
    Alexandre Naaman, Tony Chu - Developing Core Image Filters for iOS
    Jesse Bunch - Improving the Accessibility and Usability of Complex Web Applications
    Casey Dougherty, Ted O’Connor - Designing Responsive Web Experiences
    Abe Stephens - Harnessing the Power of the Mac Pro with OpenGL and OpenCL
    Geoff Stahl - Ingredients of Great Games
    Jeremy Sandmel - Working with Metal: Overview
    Richard Schreyer, Aaftab Munshi - Working with Metal: Fundamentals
    Gokhan Avkarogullari, Aaftab Munshi, Serhat Tekin - Working with Metal: Advanced
    Norman Wang - What's New in SpriteKit
    Jacques Gasselin de Richebourg, Nick Porcino - Best Practices for Building SpriteKit Games
    Thomas Goossens - What's New in SceneKit
    Amaury Balliet - Building a Game with SceneKit
    JJ Cwik - Designing for Game Controllers
    Andy Pham, Sunny Chow - Motion Tracking with the Core Motion Framework
    Robert Walsh - Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X
    Todd Fernandez - Managing Apple Devices
    Geoff Belter - What's New in the Accelerate Framework
    Dave Rahardja, Alexander Botkin - Building Apps for Enterprise and Education
    Dave Rahardja - Distributing Enterprise Apps
    Stephen Rhee - What's New in Core Location
    Steve Algernon - What's New in Foundation Networking
    Nav Patel - Taking Core Location Indoors
    Demijan Klinc - Cross Platform Nearby Networking
    Anthony Chivetta - Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 1
    Wade Benson, Libor Sykora - Keychain and Authentication with Touch ID
    Albert Liu - Writing Energy Efficient Code, Part 2
    Rhett Dickson, Dan Kurtz - What's New in iOS Notifications
    Eric Clements - Fix Bugs Faster using Activity Tracing
    David Stites, Katie Skinner - User Privacy in iOS and OS X
    Daniel Steffen - Power, Performance and Diagnostics: What's new in GCD and XPC
    Chris Espinosa - Kids and Apps
    Howard Miller - Adopting AirPrint

    NSLondon May 2014

    Daniel Haight - A first step into other people's apps
    Nigel Barber - How to draw lines _very_ fast

    UIKonf 2014

    Michele Titolo - Inheriting code from other people
    Orta Therox - CocoaPods
    Conrad Stoll - Demystifying security best practices
    Luis Solano - Techniques for writing DSLs in Objective-C
    Matthew Morey - High performance Core Data
    Piet Brauer - Modular iOS apps
    Max Bazaliy - Reverse engineering iOS apps
    Eric Allam - Building better transitions
    Rachel Andrew - We´re not "doing a startup"
    Sally Shepard - Beyond VoiceOver
    Max Seelemann - TextKit for the rest of us
    David Rönnqvist - OpenGL(ES) demystified
    Nick Lockwood - Image performance
    Katrin Apel - Mobile Backends as a Service
    Christopher Downer - Designing custom interfaces

    NSLondon April 2014

    Tim Chilvers - High fashion and intriguing bugs in code and work
    Marin Usalj - Everything you didn't know about Alcatraz

    NSConference 2014

    James Thomson - 20 Years of Indie Development
    Lex Friedman - Being Apple
    Ben Balckburne - Squeezing machine learning algorithms onto an iPad
    Steve Scott (Scotty) - Building App Communities
    Jeff LaMarche - Surviving The Game
    Martin Winter - Ahead of the curve: Understanding bezier paths
    Halle Winkler - Post-Apocalyptic Technical Ethics
    Michael Gachet - You never know where ios development may take you
    Mattt Thompson - Software Design & Eclecticism
    Michael Lopp - The Engineer, The Designer, and the Dictator
    Karsten Kusche - Building the next generation programming language
    Daniel Pasco - A Bil-centric view of product development
    Luc Vandal - Land or Slam
    Tobias Klonk - Another approach to observation
    Marcus S. Zarra - Not Invented Here
    Charles Parnot - The Kitchen Sink Database
    David Smith - While Nobody is Looking
    Scott Little - What’s it like to fiddle Mail’s bits?
    Sean Woodhouse - Tips and tricks for recording your meetup presentations
    Markos Charatzas - Sound Debugging
    Rich Siegel - Red Meat and Gin
    Damian Sullivan - Legal Considerations For Contract Developers
    Amy Worrall - KVO Considered Awesome
    Matthew Robinson - NSURLProtocol, Foundation's man-in-the-middle
    Giovanni Tarducci - Making Apps in Stop-Motion

    NSLondon February 2014

    Luka Bratoš - PonyDebugger
    Saul Mora - Everyday Core Data

    NSLondon November 2013

    Matt Galloway - ARM for iOS developers
    Rui Peres - iOS Architecture

    NSLondon October 2013

    Kurtis Seedbalt - Promises
    Mike Abdullah - What's new in iOS 7 for the Hipster's Hipster
    Kyle Fuller - Memory Management
    Nigel Barber - Fast NEON Math

    NSLondon September 2013

    Rob Elkin - altWWDC
    Abizer Nasir - Git Submodules

    XOXO 2013

    Marco Arment - Fear and Competition

    NSLondon July 2013

    Matt Galloway - Objective-C Digging the Foundations

    UIKonf 2013

    Peter Steinberger - How to bend UIKit to your will
    Cesare Rocchi - Autolayout? Oh boy
    James Weiner - Build for familiarity (or no one will use your app)
    Chris Heathcote - Apps are just the tip of the iceberg
    Louisa Heinrich - What's the Point?
    Tim Brückmann - Unit Testing on iOS: No Voodoo necessary
    Florian Kugler - Use your tools: App optimization with Instruments
    Boris Bügling - Objective-C funtime - know your runtime
    Daniel Eggert - Core Data for Fun and Profit
    Joris Kluivers - Software interactions with the real world
    Robert Böhnke - How I Learned to Stop Worrying about State and Love ReactiveCocoa