A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

    CocoaHeadsNL January 2016

    January 13, 2016 - http://www.cocoaheads.nl

    Swift JsonGen, a code generator

    By Tom Lokhorst - (all videos) - @tomlokhorst

    At CocoaHeadsNL January 2016

    Tags: json code generation

    Tom Lokhorst talks about parsing JSON in Swift. Why is this such a problem? What libraries are there to solve this problem? And how he created a code generator to deal with JSON once and for all.

    Protocol-Oriented DataSources

    By Niels van Hoorn - (all videos) - @nvh

    At CocoaHeadsNL January 2016

    Tags: protocols live coding

    Niels van Hoorn talks about protocol-oriented datasources. Combining James Bond and Swift, Niels does a live coding deep dive into protocols, extensions and type aliases.