A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

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    UIKonf 2013

    Core Data for Fun and Profit

    By Daniel Eggert - (all videos) - @danielboedewadt

    At UIKonf 2013

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    UIKonf 2014

    High performance Core Data

    By Matthew Morey - (all videos) - @xzolian

    At UIKonf 2014

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    ⌘R Conf 2014

    ICYMI: Core Data

    By Kyle Fuller - (all videos) - @kylefuller

    At ⌘R Conf 2014

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    MCE Conference 2015

    Core Data: Multi-Threading Clarity

    By Marcus S. Zarra - (all videos) - @mzarra

    At MCE Conference 2015

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    WWDC 2015

    What's New in Core Data

    By Rishi Verma - (all videos)

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

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    #Pragma Conference 2015

    Core Data Threading Demystified

    By Marcus S. Zarra - (all videos) - @mzarra

    At #Pragma Conference 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

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    CocoaHeads Stockholm November 2015

    Pragmatic Core Data

    By Florian Kugler - (all videos) - @floriankugler

    At CocoaHeads Stockholm November 2015

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    NSLondon February 2014

    Everyday Core Data

    By Saul Mora - (all videos) - @casademora

    At NSLondon February 2014

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    NSLondon September 2015

    Core Data - Going Big and Getting There

    By Tomasz Piekarczyk - (all videos)

    At NSLondon September 2015

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