A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

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    WWDC 2015

    Advanced Debugging and the Address Sanitizer

    By Mike Swingler - (all videos) - @swingler

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

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    iOS Conf Singapore 2015

    An Exploration of Debugging Techniques and Tools

    By Fahim Farook - (all videos) - @fahimfarook

    At iOS Conf Singapore 2015

    Tags: debugging

    NSLondon February 2014


    By Luka BratoŇ° - (all videos) - @lukabratos

    At NSLondon February 2014

    Tags: debugging

    NSConference 2014

    Sound Debugging

    By Markos Charatzas - (all videos) - @qnoid

    At NSConference 2014

    Tags: debugging xcode

    Sound debugging is about elevating Xcode's ability to play sounds on a breakpoint to visualise code execution