A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

    Tag: mvvm

    NSLondon January 2016

    iOS Architecture Patterns

    By Bohdan Orlov - (all videos) - @bohdan_orlov

    At NSLondon January 2016

    Tags: architecture mvvm

    Mobile Warsaw March 2016

    Rrrrrr… MVVM and Reactive Programming

    By Szymon Kuczur - (all videos) - @szymon_kr

    At Mobile Warsaw March 2016

    Tags: mvvm reactive

    CocoaHeads Düsseldorf August 2016

    MVVM-C A simple way to navigate

    By Bastian Andelefski - (all videos)

    At CocoaHeads Düsseldorf August 2016

    Tags: design patterns architecture mvvm