A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

    Tag: objective-c

    do{iOS} Amsterdam 2015

    The Parse SDK: What's inside?

    By Nikita Lutsenko - (all videos) - @nlutsenko

    At do{iOS} Amsterdam 2015

    Tags: architecture objective-c

    Swift Summit San Francisco 2015

    Swift Interop

    By Chris Eidhof - (all videos) - @chriseidhof

    At Swift Summit San Francisco 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: objective-c swift interoperability api

    NSConference 2014

    Another approach to observation

    By Tobias Klonk - (all videos) - @tonklon

    At NSConference 2014

    Tags: objective-c kvo

    In this session Tobias introduces the audience to another possibility to implement the observer pattern in Cocoa, besides KVO and NotificationCenter.

    Seattle Xcoders December 2015

    Runtime Hacking for Fun and Profit

    By Curt Clifton - (all videos) - @curtclifton

    At Seattle Xcoders December 2015

    Tags: runtime objective-c