A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

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    UIKonf 2013

    Unit Testing on iOS: No Voodoo necessary

    By Tim Brückmann - (all videos) - @tibr

    At UIKonf 2013

    Tags: testing

    NSScotland 2014

    End to End Testing at Facebook

    By Graham Lee - (all videos) - @iwasleeg

    At NSScotland 2014

    Tags: testing

    Functional Swift Conference 2014

    Functional Testing

    By Brian Gesiak - (all videos) - @modocache

    At Functional Swift Conference 2014

    Tags: bananakit testing

    Swift Summit London 2015

    Testing in Swift

    By Jan Riehn - (all videos) - @jriehn

    At Swift Summit London 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: testing

    WWDC 2015

    UI Testing in Xcode

    By Wil Turner - (all videos)

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: developertools xcode testing uitesting

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    CocoaHeads Stockholm August 2015

    UI Testing In Practice

    By Anton Tingström - (all videos)

    At CocoaHeads Stockholm August 2015

    Tags: testing

    360iDev 2015

    iOS Testing: Beyond the Model

    By Cate Huston - (all videos) - @catehstn

    At 360iDev 2015

    Tags: testing

    NSLondon November 2015

    Acceptance Testing for iOS

    By Paul Stringer - (all videos)

    At NSLondon November 2015

    Tags: acceptance testing testing

    Mobile Warsaw April 2015

    Introduction to Behavior Driven Development. The whys and hows

    By Paweł Dudek - (all videos) - @eldudi

    At Mobile Warsaw April 2015

    Tags: testing bdd

    NSLondon June 2016

    Swift Package Manager

    By Honza Dvorsky - (all videos) - @czechboy0

    At NSLondon June 2016

    Tags: swift swiftpm dependencies build testing