A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

    Tag: user interface

    AltConf 2015

    Designing for Humans

    By Dave Wiskus - (all videos) - @dwiskus

    At AltConf 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: design user interface user experience

    AltConf 2015

    Power Up Your Animations!

    By Marin Todorov - (all videos) - @icanzilb

    At AltConf 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: animations user interface

    360iDev 2015

    Designing for @1x - @3x Without Going Crazy

    By Curtis Herbert - (all videos) - @parrots

    At 360iDev 2015

    Tags: graphics user interface tools

    360iDev 2015

    Beyond White: Embracing the iOS Design Aesthetic

    By Janie Clayton - (all videos) - @RedQueenCoder

    At 360iDev 2015

    Tags: user interface design

    NSLondon November 2014

    Little Wins With UIAppearance

    By Raimon Lapuente - (all videos) - @wolffan

    At NSLondon November 2014

    Tags: uiappearance user interface

    NSLondon May 2016

    Utilising Motion Design to Enhance Your App

    By Romaine Reid - (all videos) - @romainereid

    At NSLondon May 2016

    Tags: user interface user experience animation interaction design