A collection of videos about Mac, iOS and Swift.

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    NSScotland 2014

    Undocumented Xcode

    By Helen McManus - (all videos) - @invisiblepixels

    At NSScotland 2014

    Tags: xcode

    WWDC 2015

    What's New in Xcode

    By Ken Orr - (all videos)

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: xcode

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    WWDC 2015

    App Thinning in Xcode

    By Anders Bertelrud - (all videos)

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: developertools xcode

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    WWDC 2015

    UI Testing in Xcode

    By Wil Turner - (all videos)

    At WWDC 2015

    Slides and Transcript:

    Tags: developertools xcode testing uitesting

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    NSSpain 2015

    Making Sense of Xcode

    By Grant Paul - (all videos) - @chpwn

    At NSSpain 2015

    Tags: xcode

    NSLondon April 2014

    Everything you didn't know about Alcatraz

    By Marin Usalj - (all videos) - @_supermarin

    At NSLondon April 2014

    Tags: alcatraz xcode plugin

    NSConference 2014

    Sound Debugging

    By Markos Charatzas - (all videos) - @qnoid

    At NSConference 2014

    Tags: debugging xcode

    Sound debugging is about elevating Xcode's ability to play sounds on a breakpoint to visualise code execution

    Mobile Warsaw February 2015

    Playing with Instruments

    By Bartosz Waresiak - (all videos) - @bwaresiak

    At Mobile Warsaw February 2015

    Tags: xcode instruments

    Mobile Warsaw July 2015

    Magic Behind Xcode Compilation.

    By Alexey Denisov - (all videos) - @1101_debian

    At Mobile Warsaw July 2015

    Tags: xcode compilation compiler

    Seattle Xcoders January 2016

    Fix issue

    By Tim Ekl - (all videos) - @timothyekl

    At Seattle Xcoders January 2016

    Tags: xcode provisioning

    Seattle Xcoders January 2016

    Ignore That Young Man From 2014

    By Nathaniel Irons - (all videos) - @irons

    At Seattle Xcoders January 2016

    Tags: xcode build archive

    Seattle Xcoders February 2016

    Continuous Integrations for iOS Apps

    By Pavan Adavi - (all videos) - @pavanadavi

    At Seattle Xcoders February 2016

    Tags: xcode build continuous integration

    Seattle Xcoders April 2016

    Designers Working in Xcode

    By David Hoang - (all videos) - @davidhoang

    At Seattle Xcoders April 2016

    Tags: design xcode